Canadian Literature: Quiz 1

Which two Canadian authors co-authored the book No Longer Two People?

Which author penned a book that was made into an Oscar-winning movie?

Which prolific Canadian author penned the best selling Jalna in 1927?

What do Canadians Jòhann Magnùs Bjarnason and Stephàn G. Stephansson have in common?

Which novel, following the lives of 4 generations of the Clark family, explores the issue of industrial mechanization?

Which dissolute literary character is resurrected by a sea nymph who has been washed ashore by a tidal wave?

Which volume of poetry reflected the author's socialist concerns?

What is the title of John Glassco's racy record of his time as an expatriate in the literary avant garde of 1920s Paris?

Which painter wrote the Governor General Award winning book Klee Wyck?

Who wrote the first Canadian novel to be required reading for France's "aggregation" exam?

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Canadian Literature: Quiz 1

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