Black History in Canada

Born 1744 in Bondu, Senegal, and brought to North America at the age of 16, Richard Pierpoint was a soldier and militiaman who served at the battle of Queenston Heights during this conflict:

The experiences of fugitive slave Reverend Josiah Henson, who escaped to Canada in 1830, were the subject of what famous novel?

William Hall won the first Victoria Cross ever awarded to a Black Canadian for his bravery in which conflict?

Maroons is the name given to approximately 550 to 600 individuals who lived in Nova Scotia after being deported from this place, only to be later sent to Sierra Leone in 1800:

Michaëlle Jean, the first black person to serve as Governor General, was born in this country:

Sir James Douglas, a Hudson's Bay Company officer and governor, referred to as "Scotch West Indian" as his mother was Creole and he was born in Demerara (now part of Guyana) was also known as:

Rosemary Brown, born in Jamaica, became the first black woman to run for this in 1975:

The greatest track star in Canadian history, with gold medals in the 100 metre sprint and 4 by 100 relay, was

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Black History in Canada

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