Canadian Federation of University Women

The Canadian Federation of University Women was founded in 1919 as a Canadian counterpart to the International Federation of University Women, whose purpose was to emphasize women's role in social reconstruction and the prevention of war. In 1995 there were over 100 CFUW clubs in Canada, in every province, with a total membership of approximately 10 000 women graduates representing all ages and academic disciplines. CFUW promotes the involvement of women individually and collectively in professional, economic and political life, and is concerned with encouraging women scholars and safeguarding the rights of women.

Local clubs are involved in community-based and charitable activities, and participate in the federation's work. The CFUW continues to compile submissions, briefs and resolutions directed to government task forces and commissions on a wide range of issues of interest to women, including child support tax, women in universities, international issues, pensions, education, the environment, peace, justice and human rights.

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