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Earle Parkhill Scarlett

Earle Parkhill Scarlett, physician (b at High Bluff, Man 27 June 1896; d at Calgary 14 June 1982). He received his BA from U Man in 1916 and then served in WWI with the Canadian Machine Gun Corps, was gassed in 1917 and severely wounded in 1918.

Stephen Leacock

A prolific magazine supplier of humorous fiction, literary essays and articles on social issues, politics, economics, science and history, Leacock claimed near the end of his life, "I can write up anything now at a hundred yards."

Will Ferguson

William Stener Ferguson, travel writer and novelist (born at Fort Vermilion, AB, 12 Oct 1964). Will Ferguson was educated in western Canada and graduated with a BFA from York University. Ferguson's writing encompasses the whole of human experience.

André Alexis

André Alexis, novelist, playwright, short-story writer (b at Port of Spain, Trinidad 15 January 1957). Following his parents, who left Trinidad in the late 1950s, André Alexis and his younger sister immigrated to Canada in 1961.

Dany Laferrière

Dany Laferrière, né Windson Kléber, novelist, essayist, poet and journalist (born 13 April 1953 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti).

Josiah Henson

Josiah Henson, spiritual leader, author, founder of the Black community settlement at Dawn, Canada West (born 15 June 1789 in Charles County, Maryland; died 5 May 1883 in Dresden, ON). Born enslaved, Henson escaped to Canada in 1830.

Scott Young

Scott Alexander Young, journalist, author (b at Glenboro, Man 14 Apr 1918; d at Kingston 12 June 2005). Young was one of Canada's most distinguished sports journalists. He began his career at the Winnipeg Free Press during 1936-40.

Evelyn Lau

Evelyn Lau, poet, short-story writer, novelist (b at Vancouver 2 July 1971). An award-winning student, Evelyn Lau's first work was published when she was in her early teens. Parental objections to her choice of pursuing a career as a writer led her to run away at age 14.

Neil Bissoondath

Neil Devindra Bissoondath, novelist, short-story writer, essayist (b at Arima, Trinidad and Tobago 19 Apr 1955). He attended St Mary's College in Port of Spain before emigrating to Canada in 1973, when he became a student at York University (BA 1977).

Douglas Coupland

Douglas Coupland, OC, novelist, short-story writer, essayist, visual artist (born 30 December 1961 in Baden-Söllingen, Germany).

Deborah Ellis

Deborah Ellis, writer, counsellor, peace activist and philanthropist (born at Cochrane Ont, 7 Aug 1960). Deborah Ellis began writing at the age of 11 and released her first book after she entered a contest for unpublished novelists in 2000.

Pierre Berton

Pierre Berton, journalist, historian, media personality (b at Whitehorse, YT 12 July 1920; d at Toronto, Ont 30 Nov 2004). Berton was among Canada's best-known writers and was particularly well regarded as a serious popularizer of Canadian history.


George Woodcock (Obituary)

Woodcock, who was born in Winnipeg but went to England with his parents as an infant and did not return to this country until he was in his late 30s, had two job titles, both of which invited ongoing confusion. First, he was a man of letters.

Victor-Lévy Beaulieu

Victor-Lévy Beaulieu, journalist, novelist, essayist, playwright, publisher, polemicist (b at Saint-Paul-de-la-Croix, Que, 2 Sep 1945).

Will R. Bird

William Richard Bird, novelist (b at East Mapleton, NS 11 May 1891; d at Sackville, NB 28 Jan 1984). Bird had a diverse career while at the same time publishing almost annually for 4 decades.

Nino Ricci

Nino Ricci, novelist (b at Leamington, Ont 1959). Nino Ricci was born and grew up in Leamington, Ont, the new Canadian home of his Italian immigrant parents. His university studies took him to York University, Concordia University, and the University of Florence.

Vincent Lam

Vincent Lam, writer, medical doctor (b at London, Ont 5 Sept 1974). Lam's family is from an expatriate Chinese community in Vietnam. Lam, however, was born in Canada and raised in the country's capital.

Drew Hayden Taylor

Drew Hayden Taylor, playwright, broadcaster, writer (born at Curve Lake First Nation near Peterborough, Ont, 1 July 1962).

Lee Maracle

Lee Maracle, author and critic (born 2 July 1950 in Vancouver, BC).

Stuart McLean

Andrew Stuart McLean, journalist, professor, radio host, author, humorist (born 19 April 1948 in Montréal, QC; died 15 February 2017). Stuart McLean attended high school at Lower Canada College and received a BA from Sir George Williams University (later called Concordia) in 1971.

Adam Gopnik

Adam Gopnik, essayist, author, critic (born at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 24 Aug 1956). While born in America, Gopnik was raised in Montréal, where he completed a BA at McGill University. He moved to New York, a city that remains his home, to attend graduate school.

Catharine Parr Traill

Catharine Parr Traill, née Strickland, pioneer writer, botanist (b at London, Eng 9 Jan 1802; d at Lakefield, Ont 29 Aug 1899). In 1832 Traill immigrated to Canada with her husband, half-pay Lieutenant Thomas Traill, and settled on the Otonabee River near Peterborough, next door to her sister Susanna Moodie.

Denise Chong

After graduating from UBC, Chong moved to Ottawa for a career in the public service at the Department of Finance (1975-80). From there she moved to the Prime Minister's Office, as a special advisor on British Columbia issues.

Hugh MacLennan

John Hugh MacLennan, novelist, essayist, professor (b at Glace Bay, NS 20 Mar 1907; d at Montréal 7 Nov 1990). Hugh MacLennan is best known as the first major English-speaking writer to attempt a portrayal of Canada's national character.

Alfred Bailey

Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey, historian, poet, man of letters (b at Québec City 18 Mar 1905; d at Fredericton 21 Apr 1997).