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Sinclair Ross

James Sinclair Ross, writer (b at Shellbrook, Sask 22 Jan 1908; d at Vancouver, BC 29 Feb 1996). Ross was one of Canada's most respected writers, in particular for his acclaimed novel, As for me and my House.

Adam Shortt

Adam Shortt, economist, historian (b at Kilworth, Canada W 24 Nov 1859; d at Ottawa 14 Jan 1931). Educated at Queen's U (BA 1883, MA 1885) and at Glasgow and Edinburgh, Shortt joined the staff at Queen's in 1886 and was professor of political science 1891-1908.

Sir Arthur George Doughty

Sir Arthur George Doughty, archivist (b at Maidenhead, Eng 22 March 1860, d at Ottawa 1 Dec 1936). After considering a career in the church, he immigrated to Canada in 1886.

Frederick Philip Grove

Frederick Philip Grove, author, teacher, translator (b Felix Paul Berthold Friedrich Greve at Randomno, Germany 2 Feb 1879; d at Simcoe, Ont 19 Aug 1948).

William Kirby

William Kirby, novelist, journalist (b at Kingston-upon-Hull, Eng 23 Oct 1817; d at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont 23 June 1906).

Donald Creighton

Donald Grant Creighton, historian (b at Toronto 15 July 1902; d at Brooklin, Ont 19 Dec 1979).

Northrop Frye

Herman Northrop Frye, literary critic, university professor, editor (b at Sherbrooke, Qué 14 Jul 1912; d at Toronto 23 Jan 1991).

Sir William Francis Butler

 Sir William Francis Butler, military officer, author (b at Ballyslateen, Suirville, Ireland 31 Oct 1838; d at Bansha Castle, Ireland 7 June 1910).

Marshall McLuhan

Herbert Marshall McLuhan, communication theorist (born at Edmonton 21 Jul 1911; died at Toronto 31 Dec 1980).

Gwendolyn MacEwen

Gwendolyn MacEwen, writer (born 1 September 1941 in Toronto, ON; died 30 November 1987 in Toronto, ON).

Malcolm Lowry

Clarence Malcolm Lowry, novelist (b at New Brighton, Eng 28 July 1909; d at Ripe, Eng 27 June 1957). Although he was not born in Canada, the years he spent in Dollarton, BC, (1940-54) were the happiest and most productive years of his chaotic life. Much of his later fiction is set in BC.

Mazo de la Roche

Mazo de la Roche, writer (b at Newmarket, Ont 15 Jan 1879; d at Toronto 12 July 1961). Among the most prolific and widely read of Canadian authors, she wrote 23 novels, more than 50 short stories, 13 plays and many other works.

Duncan Campbell Scott

Duncan Campbell Scott, poet, short-story writer, civil servant (b at Ottawa 2 Aug 1862; d there 19 Dec 1947).


Barrie Phillip Nichol, "bpNichol," writer, sound poet, editor, teacher (b at Vancouver 30 Sept 1944; d at Toronto 25 Sept 1988). bpNichol's tragic early death in 1988 robbed us of one of Canada's leading experimental writers, and a truly generous individual and imagination.

Richard Garneau

​Richard Garneau, CM, CQ, Québec sports journalist and writer (born 15 July 1930 in Québec City, QC; died 20 January 2013 in Montréal, QC).

Michael Kusugak

Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak, children's writer, storyteller (b at Qatiktalik [Cape Fullerton], NWT, 27 Apr 1948).

Dennis Lee

Dennis Beynon Lee, teacher, editor, critic, poet (b at Toronto 31 Aug 1939). A graduate in English from U of T (BA 1962, MA 1965), Lee has taught or served as writer-in-residence for various universities.

Jack Hodgins

Jack Hodgins, novelist, short-story writer (b at Comox, BC 3 Oct 1938). Vancouver Island is both Jack Hodgins's home and his fictional landscape.

Pauline Johnson

Emily Pauline Johnson (also known as Tekahionwake, “double wampum”), poet, writer, artist and performer (born 10 March 1861 on the Six Nations Reserve, Canada West; died 7 March 1913 in Vancouver, BC) was one of North America’s most notable entertainers of the late 19th century.

Margaret Avison

An Officer of the Order of Canada, two-time winner of the Governor General’s Literary Award, and recipient of the Griffin Poetry Prize, Margaret Avison is one of Canada’s most profoundly influential poets, known for the exploration of Christian themes in her work.

A.M. Klein

Abraham Moses Klein, poet, writer (b at Ratno, Ukraine 14 Feb 1909; d at Montréal 20 Aug 1972).

Joseph Rosenblatt

Joseph Rosenblatt, poet, artist, editor (b at Toronto, Ont 26 Dec 1933). Raised and educated in Toronto where he attended Central Technical School, Rosenblatt dropped out of school in grade 10 and worked at a variety of blue-collar jobs.

Stephen Scobie

Stephen Scobie, poet, critic, professor, publisher (b at Carnoustie, Scot 31 Dec 1943). Typical of his 20 volumes of poetry are The Birken Tree (1973), The Rooms We Are (1974), A Grand Memory for Forgetting (1981) and Expecting Rain (1984), Remains (1990) and Slowly into Autumn (1995).

Thomas Ethan Wayman

Tom Wayman has a unique voice in Canadian poetry as an ardent spokesman and advocate of the workplace. Wayman transfers his experience in construction, demolition and factory jobs into his writing.

Dennis Cooley

Dennis Cooley, poet, educator (b at Estevan, Sask 1944). A founding editor of Turnstone Press, he was educated at the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Rochester and currently teaches at the University of Manitoba.