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Dan George

Dan George (also known as Teswahno), actor, public speaker (born on 24 July 1899 on the Burrard Indian Reserve No. 3 in British Columbia; died on 23 September 1981 in North Vancouver). By his film roles and personal appearances Dan George helped improve the popular image of Indigenous people, often represented as bad characters.

Linda Spalding

Linda Spalding, writer, editor (born 25 June 1943 in Topeka, Kansas). Linda Spalding lived in Hawaii and Mexico before coming to Canada.

Lionel Kearns

Lionel Kearns, poet and professor (born 6 February 1937 in Nelson, BC). In 1955, Lionel Kearns enrolled at the University of British Columbia, where Earle Birney advised his thesis on prosody and verse notation.

Louise Penny

Louise Penny, writer (born 1 July 1958 in Toronto, ON). Upon receiving her Bachelor of Applied Arts in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson Polytechnic in 1979, Louise Penny began a lengthy career as a radio host and journalist with the CBC.

Mark Anthony Jarman

Mark Anthony Jarman, novelist, short story writer, travel writer (born 1955 in Edmonton, AB).

Edward Sapir

Edward Sapir, anthropologist, linguist, essayist (born 26 January 1884 in Lauenburg, Germany; died 4 February 1939 in New Haven, Connecticut).

Franz Boas

Franz Boas, anthropologist, ethnologist, folklorist, linguist (born 9 July 1858 in Minden, Westphalia, Germany; died on 21 December 1942 in New York City, NY).

Alexander Kennedy Isbister

Alexander Kennedy Isbister, Métis schoolmaster, explorer, lawyer (born June 1822 in Cumberland House, Rupert's Land, [now in SK]; died 28 May 1883 in London, England).

Laurent-Olivier David

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