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Thomas Chandler Haliburton

Haliburton's reputation lies in the many substantial works in provincial history, political pamphlets and fiction that he wrote from 1823 to 1860. His first book was published in 1823 when he was 27.

Sherwood Lett

Sherwood Lett, soldier, lawyer, chief justice of BC (b at Iroquois, Ont 1 Aug 1895; d at Vancouver 2 July 1964).

Marie Deschamps

​Marie Deschamps, CC, justice of the Supreme Court of Canada (2002–2012), Québec jurist, lawyer, educator (born 2 October 1952 in Repentigny, QC).

John Howard Sissons

John Howard Sissons, "Jack," lawyer, judge (b at Orillia, Ont 14 July 1892; d at Edmonton 11 July 1969).

Judges' Salaries (Reference)

The main question in dispute in the reference on judges' salaries (1997) concerned the financial security of judges of provincial courts. In this case the governments of Prince Edward Island, Manitoba and Alberta had reduced the salaries of their provincial court judges without prior consultation.

Richard Cartwright

Richard Cartwright, businessman, officeholder, judge, militia officer, author (b at Albany, NY 2 Feb 1759; d at Montréal, 27 July 1815). A committed LOYALIST, Cartwright was expelled from New York in October 1777.

Benjamin Russell

Benjamin Russell, jurist, author (b at Dartmouth, NS 10 Jan 1849; d at Halifax 21 Sept 1935). An accomplished and versatile jurist, Russell quickly distinguished himself after being called to the NS Bar in 1872.

William Renwick Riddell

William Renwick Riddell, lawyer, judge, historian, publicist (b at Hamilton Twp, Canada W 6 Apr 1852; d at Toronto 18 Feb 1945).

Brian Dickson

Robert George Brian Dickson, chief justice of Canada (b at Yorkton, Sask 25 May 1916; d at Dunrobin, Ont 17 Oct 1998).

William Robertson Warren

William Robertson Warren, lawyer, politician, judge (b at St John's 9 Oct 1879; d there 31 Dec 1927). He became the sixteenth prime minister of Newfoundland, July 1923-Apr 1924, upon the resignation of Richard SQUIRES.

William Smith

William Smith, fourth chief justice of the Province of Quebec (born 18 June 1728 in New York City; died 6 December 1793 in Québec City).

Antonio Lamer

In 1980 he was appointed a justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, and on 3 July 1990 became Chief Justice of Canada.

Elzéar Bédard

Elzéar Bédard, lawyer, judge, politician, mayor, Patriote (born 24 July 1799 in Québec, Lower Canada; died 11 August 1849 in Montréal, Canada East).

Murray Sinclair

​Murray Sinclair or Mizanay (Mizhana) Gheezhik, meaning “The One Who Speaks of Pictures in the Sky” in Ojibwa, lawyer, judge and senator (born in 1951 in Selkirk, MB).

Graydon Nicholas

Graydon Nicholas, lawyer, lecturer, judge, lieutenant-governor of New Brunswick (b at Tobique, NB 1946 ). Of Maliseet descent, Graydon Nicholas made significant strides in the fields of law and public service.

Bertha Wilson

Bertha Wilson, née Wernham, lawyer, judge (b at Kirkcaldy, Scot 18 Sept 1923; d at Ottawa 28 April, 2007), first woman appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Beverley McLachlin

Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada 2000–present, lawyer and jurist, (born 7 September 1943 in Pincher Creek, AB).