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Benjamin Lett: Early Canadian Terrorist

In the early morning of Good Friday, April 17, 1840, a terrific explosion shattered the peaceful atmosphere of the village of Queenston in Upper Canada (now Ontario). Brock’'s Monument, burial place of General Sir Isaac Brock, the much-revered hero of the War of 1812, was in ruins.

Toronto Feature: The Boyd Gang

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Wilbert Colin Thatcher

Wilbert Colin Thatcher, rancher, politician (b at Toronto, Ont 25 Aug 1938). The only son of Liberal premier Ross Thatcher, Colin Thatcher entered Saskatchewan politics in 1975 as Liberal MLA for Thunder Creek.

William Miner

William Miner, Bill, outlaw, first train robber in Canada (b at Bowling Green, KY circa 1847; d at Covington, GA 2 Sept 1913). Known as the "Gentleman Bandit" because of his good manners during holdups, Bill Miner achieved notoriety for numerous stagecoach and train robberies in the American West.

Bartholomew Roberts

Bartholomew Roberts, pirate (b in Pembrokeshire, Wales c 1682; d 10 Feb 1722).

Georges Lemay

Georges Lemay, criminal (born 25 January 1925 in Shawinigan, QC; died December 2006 in Montréal, QC). Lemay was the mastermind behind one of the biggest bank robberies in Canadian history – the Bank of Nova Scotia heist in Montréal in 1961.

David Spencer and Christine Lamont Case

In 1989, Canadians David Spencer and Christine Lamont were jailed for the political kidnapping of a Brazilian businessman. From their prison cells they insisted on their innocence. Nine years later, after admitting their guilt, they were transferred to Canadian prisons and paroled.

Robert Latimer Case

In 1993, Saskatchewan farmer Robert Latimer killed his severely disabled daughter Tracy. His prosecution for murder attracted national and international attention, and raised contentious issues concerning euthanasia.